Business Mentors Wanted

- kick-start the economy through business mentoring


We want to help the UK economy grow through business mentoring. Support for small business start ups is an important enabler of success in our economy and yet support is limited. As a social enterprise which is in turn owned by a Not-for-profit company we are keen to do everything we can to give business start-ups their best chance of success. The support of our parent company Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Limited can offer to enterprises after the start-up phase is limited. Support with both start-ups and with the sustaining of new business is needed. The challenge is to find effective ongoing support once companies are up and running. That's where the volunteer mentoring provides a solution. 

Ixion provides support for the New Enterprise Allowance scheme in the London area, to find out more about the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme and other companies who offer mentoring in a different area you can visit:

If you've been a success in your chosen career and would like to contribute to the success of others by becoming a business mentor then please do get in touch. We ask you to give up 2 hours a week mentoring. Alternatively, it can be one day a month or two half days- whatever works best with your diary. We'll support you with training and support so that together we can enable entrepreneurs and give them the best chance of success.

Lets help unemployed people get jobs

Within the Ixion Group we run contracts that help the unemployed get jobs, if you feel that you can also help to support them too, then please do let us know by registering as a business mentor.

Questions to Ask yourself.

Can You:

  • Feel comfortable about meeting new people face to face to help & support them?
  • Understand the difference between mentoring and the roles you might have previously played as a manager in organisation?
  • Give feedback that is clear, balanced, honest and constructive?
  • Really have the time to make to this commitment? (2 hours per week or 1 day a month)
  • Are you comfortable with admitting your own strengths and weaknesses so that you can direct the learner to more appropriate support as required?
  • Can you keep the relationship the mentor and mentee on a professional level despite differences of age or gender?
  • Be sensitive to cultural differences?
  • Be mindful of the effect that you, as a role model, may have on the learner?
  • Can you recognise when is the time to end the relationship in a positive and supportive way?

Becoming a mentor does require commitment but we think you'll find the experience very rewarding. Before your apply consider reading our page on mentoring tips. 

If you have any questions please contact the Ixion Volunteer Mentors team via:

T: 0844 248 0515

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.